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Experience and Knowledge

Voyager Trailers have been making trailers in Hamilton for 30 odd years which means  our trailers are built using experience and knowledge to achieve the best boat trailer design.  We build quality trailers from quality steel and support NZ industry by buying our trailer fittings from reputable NZ Suppliers.  

We understand that not all boat hulls are the same, so our Trailers are built to fit your hull right.  Our trailer designs also offer a low centre of gravity which gives you better towing performance and easier launching and retrieving.

We have experience in building custom trailers right through to TC classed trailers, for those rigs that exceed the 3500kg threshold.
If your existing trailer  needs replacing, we can supply you a new one either directly or through one of our Dealers situated throughout New Zealand.
We offer a 5 year limited structural  Warranty on all new Voyager Trailers.
As well as manufacturing new trailers, we offer Servicing, Repairs, and Regalvanising
We also do tandem axle and multi-roller conversion, and can retro-fit hydraulic or electric brakes.
At Voyager we care about towing safety, and are more than happy to assess your existing trailer, free of charge, to let you know what's needed to keep it roadworthy - don't expect anything less than the Voyager best.
Voyager Trailers Ltd supply boat dealers and boat manufacturers nationwide and we are experienced in exporting trailers to Australia and the Pacific Islands. 

Featured Products

From: NZ $3.30

From: NZ $3.30

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